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I am Research Fellow at the Research And Policy In Development programme (RAPID) at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and a Senior Advisor at the Knowledge Sector Initiative in Indonesia, based in Jakarta.

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My background is in economics with a specialization in decentralization and local governance reforms in developing countries. I have more than ten years of  experience working at national and local level in Asian countries. I joined ODI in 2008 after two years working with UNDP in Vietnam. Prior to that, I worked in Nepal and Cambodia with GIZ and DED managing local governance reforms and community development. I have an MPhil in economic development, and a PhD in education and development. At ODI I have acquired considerable experience about the principles, processes and tools that enable more evidence-based policy processes. I am a PRINCE2 and MSP APM qualified project and programme manager. I currently live in Jakarta and work s senior advisor at the Knowledge Sector Initiative funded by AusAID.  My CV 



Political economy in practice: thoughts on managing and conducting a political economy study on disaster-risk management in Indonesia

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